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Vibra-Sonic Control | Vibration Isolation for Mechanical and Electrical Systems Webinar

June 3 2020

This 1 hour presentation will delve into the physics behind vibration isolation and how to apply these principles to reduce noise issues when installing or retrofitting mechanical and electrical equipment. This presentation is of particular relevance to those who work on mixed-use projects. Learning objectives:

1. To understand how noise and vibrations travel within structures

2. To understand the science of vibration isolation efficiency

3. To review how noise and vibration can affect design criteria

4. To review products for vibration isolation

Upon completion of the presentation, there will be additional time allowed for questions.

About the Presenter:
Tony Adamson, ASct, has been working as a technical representative for noise and vibration control products for over 19 years providing product knowledge, system design and support for new building designs as well as noise and vibration troubleshooting and recommendations for existing facilities. Over this time he has worked with consultants and contractors to mitigate vibration issues both in the planning stages as well as on retrofit projects for numerous mechanical and electrical systems, including cooling towers, pumps, large transformers, elevators, chillers, rooftop equipment and much more. He works closely with acoustic consultants to ensure that the intent of their recommendations are fully realized.

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