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WCA | Managing CCDC Contracts to Minimize Conflict

November 30 2021 to December 2 2021

Managing CCDC Contracts to Minimize Conflict

One of the most common mistakes we make in the construction industry is not opening, reading and understanding the contract requirements until it's too late. Waiting until there is conflict and only then referring to the contract to see how, or if, we can get out of the problem is a dangerous game.

Whether you're the project owner, consultant, or contractor, you need to understand what you have agreed to in the contract and why the clause exists in the first place. It's critical to be aware of what you're agreeing to: in the nuances of the prime contract clauses, there are implications and requirements impacting all partners including the consultants and subcontractors.

Gain insights into key clauses and concepts in different project delivery methods that consistently create challenges and conflict. You'll learn from each instructor's experience as an ICI practitioner and gain the perspectives of a project owner, consultant and contractor on:

  • What these clauses mean and why they exist
  • How to mitigate the pain points associated with these clauses
  • How to develop your 'go forward' strategies and practices

Using a hands-on, practical approach, this course will give you an opportunity to apply what you learn by guiding you through interactive exercises. You'll explore specific scenarios with possible outcomes and learn how to achieve alignment with all parties.

This course features clauses from: CCDC 2, 5A, 5B, 14 ,15.

Intended Audience
This course was designed by an inter-disciplinary ICI team with the intention of fostering dialogue and understanding between stakeholders across the ICI sector. We recommend this course for mid-management personnel from the following roles/disciplines who are familiar with standard contract clauses:

  • General Contractors and Subcontractors: Construction Company Owners/Managers, Project Managers, Commercial Managers, Business Development Managers
  • Project Owners, Third Party Project Managers (For the Project Owner), and P3 Developers
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Allied Professionals including: Bonding and Insurance specialists, Lawyers

A team of multi-discipline experts will provide you with exceptional feedback, great insight and actionable strategies. We look forward to sharing this expertise with you.

  • Debbie Hicks - Workshop Facilitator
  • Dean C. Slater - Project Owner / Contractor
  • Bill Chomik - Consultant
  • Hugh Loughborough - Contractor

Related Info

Course Requirements (Technology & Participation)
This course requires full face-to-face interaction and participation from both the instructor and students. In order to attend, you'll must make sure you have the following:

  • Computer or laptop with webcam (webcams are mandatory): This course will involve 100% on-screen interaction with your instructor and classmates, reading/viewing on-screen content like slides or videos, and interacting via typing with questions or responses. For this reason, you must have a webcam and use a full computer/laptop, and we do not permit students to attend using a tablet or cell phone.
  • A quiet space with minimal distractions: Please plan to be fully engaged in the class, and clear your work schedule just as you would for attendance in an in-class program

Course Format
Live, Online, Instructor-led training, with a multi-discipline training team and a maximum class size of 25 students.

  • This is a highly interactive course facilitated by the instructor on the Zoom platform.
  • You will be expected to have your webcam on during the whole class and participate in break-out rooms, small-group discussions, and other activities with your instructor and classmates during the course.
  • Zoom access information will be provided to you in advance of the training by your instructor
  • Full attendance and participation in all four sessions is mandatory for course completion. If a student misses a class session, we are unable to transfer registration or provide a partial refund of the registration fees.

This course is delivered in partnership with local construction associations across western Canada and Ontario. You will be participating with a cohort of industry peers from throughout these regions.

Orientation Session
A short orientation session (30 min) with your course instructor will be held via Zoom before the course (usually scheduled in the week before). During the orientation, your instructor will go over course information and familiarize you with the Zoom tools you'll be using.

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