Nominations for Membership in the RAIC College of Fellows

September 11, 2017

Nominations for Membership in the RAIC College of Fellows

The RAIC College of Fellowship is always open to honoring its members that have made a significant contribution to the betterment of our profession or community. This contribution can be through 1) design excellence, 2) outstanding scholastic contribution or 3) distinguished service to the profession or community.

An application for Fellowship is submitted by the member’s peers, in confidence, without the knowledge of the nominee. The nominee must have been a member of the RAIC for a minimum of 5 years to be eligible.

Information and forms regarding Nominations of Members for Fellowship is available at the following website.

Finalized completed application forms need to be submitted to the Regional Representative, Don Oliver, before October 31, 2017. It is suggested that applications be submitted earlier, in order to receive some feedback before the final submission is made for consideration by the National Committee.

Any questions can be discussed with Don Oliver at (204) 943-6767 or at