Electric Autonomy | Competition - The Electric Fuelling Station of the Future: A Design Competition

September 9, 2021

The Brief

Entrants are asked to incorporate the following design considerations:
We are seeking a design for a roadside rest stop for a highway, allowing for visitors to engage in multiple activities, including vehicle recharging, dining and more. The design can take the form of a single building or multiple pavilions and areas.

Highway electric charging takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes so the dwell time is significantly longer on site than a typical fuel pump of 5 minutes. (Visitors do not need to attend to their cars while plugged in.) Design solutions should reflect the travellers' convenience and hospitality needs. Be creative with the amenities provided on site, which can range from retail to dining to play areas for children and other landscape design features.
Consider parking and charging areas creatively. Recharging is completely non-toxic, so there are no hazardous materials involved. Aside from highway noise, electric vehicles are also considerably quieter.

While this competition is primarily aimed at passenger-vehicle travellers, keep in mind that users of the station can include families and other groups of leisure travellers, business travellers and those driving on longer commutes.

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