Winnipeg, Manitoba

ArchitectureAward of Merit

Cibinel Architecture Ltd.
Owner/Client: Smartpark Development Corporation


Architect: Cibinel Architecture Ltd.
Interior Designer: Cibinel Architecture Ltd.
Structural Engineer: Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd.
Mechanical Engineer: Epp Siepman Engineering Inc.
Electrical Engineer: SMS Engineering Ltd.
Civil Engineer: AECOM
Contractor: Concord Projects Ltd.


H2Office combines architecture, landscape, water management and sustainability. It challenges your expectations of what an office park building should be and becomes reminiscent of low bridges seen on the Canadian prairie landscape.

The narrow space supported on thin columns draws a line across the retention pond, offering abundant natural daylight and expansive views of the landscape. H2Office’s surroundings are reflected in its mirrored windows. The spacious interior office allows flexibility and movement throughout.


H2Office is remarkably simple and elegant using the prairie horizon as its reference. The extended narrow building elegantly spans the retention pond, recalling the low bridges that dot the prairie landscape. The careful detailing of the metal and glass exterior façade creates a structure that provides open and flexible office space. The reflective windows over the water surface give the building an ephemeral quality.

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