WCA/MAA Technical Bulletins

As far back as 1964, the MAA has worked with the Winnipeg Construction Association (WCA), to consider various issues that arise within the construction industry and offer guidelines to members of both organizations. The guidelines have been published as a series of WCA/MAA Technical Bulletins.

In 2001-2002, the WCA and MAA completed a review process in which previous issues of Technical Bulletins were updated and issues for new Bulletins were considered. As a result, some older Bulletins were deleted and some new ones were published (see the current list below).

WCA/MAA Technical Bulletins do not have the same force or effect as MAA Practice Bulletins. Technical Bulletins are intended as guidelines only, to increase awareness of recommended industry practices.

List of Approved WCA/MAA Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletin #1 Dec/01 Pre-Tender Addenda
Technical Bulletin #2 Dec/01 Standard Contract Forms
Technical Bulletin #3 Dec/01 Re-tendering/Post Tender Addenda
Technical Bulletin #4 Dec/01 Granular Fill Materials (DELETED)
Technical Bulletin #5 Dec/01 Alternative and Separate Prices
Technical Bulletin #6 Dec/01 Tender Procedures Related to Limited Bidding (DELETED)
Technical Bulletin #7 Dec/01 General Tendering Procedures
Technical Bulletin #8 Dec/01 Proposed procedure for building takeover and completion of construction contract inspections, specific retention and Builders' Liens holdback
Technical Bulletin #9 Dec/01 Restriction on Monday Tender Closings (DELETED)
Technical Bulletin #10 Dec/01 Valuation of Changes in the Work (DELETED)
Technical Bulletin #11 Dec/01 Reduced Scale Drawings
Technical Bulletin #12 May/02 Designation of Major Building Construction Projects
Technical Bulletin #13 May/02 Material Payment Provisions
Technical Bulletin #14 May/02 Tests and Inspections
Technical Bulletin #15 Dec/01 Operations and Maintenance Manuals
Technical Bulletin #16 May/02 Bid Closing Time