Winners of 2008 Prairie Design Awards

Award of Excellence

Category: Recent Work

City Market Affordable Housing
Edmonton, Alberta

Architect: Dub Architects Limited

Owner/Client: Five Oaks Inc.

Structural Engineer: A.D. Williams Engineering Inc.

Mechanical Engineer: Kroening Consultants Ltd.

Electrical Engineer: TWS Engineering Consultants

Contractor: T.C. Biggs Construction Ltd.

Photographers: Gene and Michael Dub

The Project

This project consists of 72 units of affordable housing built above an existing 1960's exposed concrete structure. the objective of the project is to provide high quality, affordable housing that does not stigmatize the transitional neighbourhood by appearing like sub-standard, low-rent housing and aims to return modern design to its noble roots in social improvement.

Jury Comments

The adaptive reuse of an existing structure, to create affordable housing, and to do so artfully, is clearly evident in this project. The use of steel rather than wood is admirable in a project like this. The steel frame is light over the existing building. The façade is worth noting in the manner that the units overlap and the way the porches create recesses. There is a sense of rhythm that is maintained and extended through the steel frames and volumes and voids over the existing structure. There is an efficiency gained through the use of a double loaded corridor, yet the units seem to appear generous with the inclusion of porches and roof decks. This project goes a long way to ‘de-stigmatize' affordable housing in a transitional neighborhood.


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