Mandatory Continuing Education

In 1995, the MAA became the first architectural association in Canada to adopt mandatory continuing education requirements. The mandatory requirement was limited to Registered Members for the first two years of the policy, and extended to all Intern Members in 1997.

All of the remaining provincial/territorial associations in Canada subsequently implemented mandatory continuing education and efforts have been made over the years, to work towards more consistent requirements. Although the most desirable level of harmonization has not yet been achieved across the country, there are some equivalency options that currently exist for architects who are licenced in multiple jurisdictions in Canada (to varying degrees). Those wishing to reduce the extent of their reporting requirements, by way of an equivalency option, should carefully review such provisions, together with any and all implications, on a case by case basis.

For members with MAA as primary reporting jurisdiction:

For members to exercise an equivalency option with MAA:

Further information: