How to Obtain a Temporary Licence

An individual and architectural practice would apply for a Temporary Licence:

  • where no Reciprocity Agreement exists with the MAA; or
  • as an alternative to registered membership and firm registration.

Application Fees and Membership Dues

Click here for current application fees and membership dues.

Membership dues are invoiced following approval of the application. They are pro-rated quarterly on the basis of the calendar year.

Practice fees are not pro-rated at any time and are also invoiced following approval of the application.

Temporary licence fees are invoiced following approval of the application and must thereafter be paid on or before each annual anniversary date.

Requirements for a Temporary Licence

  • A Temporary Licence is required for each separate project.
  • The applicant must be an architect, in good standing, who is a principal of the architectural firm in another jurisdiction.
  • The applicant must form a professional business relationship with a "collaborating architect" who is a MAA registered member, that is a principal of a MAA registered architectural practice.
  • The applicant and the collaborating architect must jointly undertake certain professional responsibilities.
  • The Temporary Licence must be renewed on or before the annual anniversary date and maintained for one full year after Substantial Completion of the project.


Click here for an application to obtain a Temporary Licence. Please attach an application fee of $787.50 and the required confirmation letters with the application.