Winners of 2010 Prairie Design Awards

Award of Excellence

Category: Small Projects

Corogami Hut
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: David Penner Architect

Owner/Client: David Penner

Structural Engineer: Wolfrom Engineering

Contractor: Sean Radford, Chris Wiebe, Paulo Costillo, Jac Comeau, Brian Pearson, Michelle Pearson, Dinen Subranium, Matthew Penner, Kelly Dyck, Zoe Penner, Gwen and Blaine Lepp

The Project

As an ‘uninvited’ entry in The Warming Hut: An Art + Architecture Exposition on Ice, the Corogami Hut (so named for the Coroplast material + origami form) journeyed through the streets of Crescentwood and down the back of the Assiniboine under the cover of night. The rogue structure made it’s temporary home at the Hugo Dock site of the river trail. After a month of hosting skaters, sunlight, lovers, and midnight revelers, the hut lifted it’s frozen feet, folded flat and walked away – days later, the site disappeared as well.

Conceived of the lightness of translucent twin-wall polypropylene panels and the structural simplicity of the fold, the Corogami Hut is born out of pleating, silicon lamination, and pinning with brass paper fasteners. Complete fabrication and assembly is achieved in a large living room. The modern arch, spanning sixteen feet and providing an eight foot deep shelter, collapses into four inches thickness for mobility. The entire structure weighs two hundred pounds; it’s plywood feet are pinned and adhered with water to the ice floor upon arrival on site.

Construction Budget: $900
Schedule: 10 days
Co-Conspiritors: 13


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