Winners of 2010 Prairie Design Awards

Award of Merit

Category: Recent Work

Royal Canadian Pacific Entry Pavilion
Calgary, Alberta

Architect: Cohos Evamy Integratedesign

Owner/Client: Canadian Pacific Railway

Structural Engineer: Cohos Evamy Integratedesign

Mechanical Engineer: Cohos Evamy Integratedesign

Electrical Engineer: Cohos Evamy Integratedesign

The Project

The Royal Canadian Pacific Pavilion provides an entry and street address for the Canadian Pacific owned Royal Canadian Pacific, an exclusive charter railway excursion company with routes into the Rockies. The site, a 500m2 corner lot situated within Calgary’s urban core, addresses both the historic Palliser Hotel and Grain Exchange buildings. In addition to providing a front door, the pavilion provides a direct connection from the public street to the actual train shed and train cars beyond.

The inspiration for the Royal Canadian Pacific Entry Pavilion is the image of an historic steel trestle bridge. The trestle sets up the primary public space – the Grand foyer – which links directly to the existing Royal Canadian Pacific train pavilion. The two story pavilion houses an entry hall and glazed galleria. A three-storey wall of cable and spider fitting glass faces the Palliser Hotel and fills the Galleria with natural light. Offices, a commercial kitchen, staff change and lunch rooms, storage and meeting rooms are accommodated over two floors.

Oversized heavy steel members emulate a trestle bridge and the limestone masonry reflects the heavy nature of the Rocky Mountains. Materials such as black plate steel, glass, and stone are consistent amongst the existing train pavilion, the adjacent Palliser Hotel and neighbouring Grain Exchange building.

A plaza is created by the pavilion’s set-back from the street, which eases the severity of this high traffic corner, Urban ‘artefacts’ have been set into the n the plaza’s concrete. These artefacts include a bronze berth control key, switch lock, railway spike, and rail cross-section-all objects significat to the history of Canadian Pacific Rail.


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