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Practice Committee: Specified Scope of Practice License Issued by EGM

April 16, 2019

Since January 1, 2017, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba has offered the Specified Scope of Practice Licence (otherwise known as the Limited Licence).
This licence category allows those who have a non-engineering or non-geoscience degree to practise engineering or geoscience within a limited scope. Eligible applicants include those who have either college diplomas in engineering technology or bachelor degrees in related fields which are not engineering or geoscience. For example, degrees in chemistry, biology, environmental science, or physics (and others) may be accepted.

Changes toThe Engineering & Geoscientific Professions Act of Manitoba, which took place in 2015, put in place the regulatory framework for this new licence category. The Act changes were precipitated by licence categories already in place in other provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Common licence categories across Canada allow for mobility between provinces. The Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba's Limited Licence Task Group set the qualification criteria; these criteria are referred to as "paths" and are outlined at

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba started taking applications on January 1, 2017. Since then, eight (8) persons have been approved to practise professional engineering. Licence holders in the Specified Scope of Practice category use the designation Eng. L. - Engineering Licensee. They are fully approved to practice as a professional engineer, but in a limited scope of engineering. Administrators of regulatory agencies can ask the licensee for a description of their scope or check the member directory of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba online at

To find out more about this approved licence category, go online to the Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba website at

For more information contact:
Sharon E. Sankar, P.Eng., FEC
Director of Admissions, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba
204-474-2736 ext. 229