Little Red Library

Roaming throughout Winnipeg, Manitoba

Small ProjectsAward of Merit

David Penner Architect
Owner/Client: David Penner Architect


Architect: David Penner Architect
Design & Fabrication Team: Chris Wiebe | Stephen Faust | Michael Butterworth | Elyssa Stelman
Structural Engineer: Wolfrom Engineering Ltd.
Steel Frame Contractor: Champion Ironworks Ltd.
Library & Stewardship: Jane Bridle
Photography: Jacqueline Young


The Little Red Library is a fantastical cube with an immersive sensory environment. The library is constructed of a transparent welding curtain stretched over a tubular steel frame. The structure is equally at home on the frozen river and at sites throughout the city, changing between a library, warming hut, and art gallery.


The Little Red Library is another example of a small project that captures the imagination of the public and the design community. While small, it has the effect of creating a sense of ‘bigness’ whenever light reveals its presence. Its versatility is showcased through multiple-functions: as a warming hut, free library, and a public marker.

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